How healthy is your recruitment ?

Our experts at SocialDice have crafted a set of analytical questions which help recruiters get a diagnosis for their hiring process and figure out how healthy it is. It’s 100% free, quick and easy, take it now!

1. How do you collaborate with your hiring team? You can choose multiple answers

2. How do you promote your working environment to candidates? You can choose multiple answers

3. How do you write your job description?

4. What are the main sources you collect your CVs from? You can choose multiple answers

5. How do you manage your CVs through your hiring process?

6. How do you screen received CVs?

7. Do you conduct phone interviews with candidates?

8. Do you communicate the application status with candidates?

9. Do you conduct structured interviews?

10. On average, how many candidates do you interview before finding the suitable one?

11. Do you do reference checks for candidates?